Faiths, Neighbours and Changemakers

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Birmingham Conversations

Bringing together select groups of people of all faiths an none to discuss issues of faith and public life.

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Faithful Friends: on tour

To celebrate our diverse communities which bring peace, friendship, understanding and hope for this and succeeding generations.

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Presence and Engagement

Interfaith Relations are a vital part of life across the West Midlands, whether communities have high numbers 

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Do great work
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The FNC exists to:

Provide a space where people of all faiths and none can meet one another;
Resource People living in a diverse society;
Support people as they discover ways of working together to improve and strengthen their local areas.

About FNC

The FNC is a collaboration of people who seek to work out the vision as stated at the top of this page. The building in Sparkhill is home to The Feast, and whilst the vision came through working together in that building it has now grown to include people and projects across the Birmingham area.


Discussing world peace
Discussing world peace

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The Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre

10 Court Road | Sparkhill
Birmingham | B11 4LX

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