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Interfaith Dialogue Online

During the pandemic lots of people started running online interfaith dialogue and discovered that it could be a really effective way of running events. Many groups will continue to meet online for some discussions but know that facilitating good dialogue online requires some different skills and planning to meeting in person. This ‘How To’ Guide has been produced to help you lead successful online interfaith dialogues with lots of practical advice and useful tips. It’s been written by people with lots of experience in this field and includes really practical advice including how to plan a meeting, inviting people, getting people talking and managing conflict.

Lived Faith in a 21st Century City

This report from the first Birmingham Conversations considers the lived reality for people of faith on a number of issues and poses questions to help communities address the issues.

Faith and Art

The second Birmingham conversations brought together people of different faiths with artists and curators to consider the way that art can open up new spaces for interfaith dialogue. We also discussed how art and religion are informed and enhanced by each other and when they come into conflict.

Faith in the Public Sphere

The third of the conversations looked at how people of faith operate in the public sphere, where they flourish or feel constrained. We looked at various areas of public life and in what ways people of faith contribute to or are in opposition to the prevailing attitudes in those areas. The report was written by staff from the University of Birmingham and contained recommendations for policy makers and people in business as well as civic leaders.

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