Interfaith Relations are a vital part of life across the West Midlands, whether communities have high numbers of people of different faiths living side by side or very few, issues relating to living in a multi-faith society impact us all.

Our work helps churches in their engagement with people of other faiths whether through mission, evangelism, dialogue or social action. We recognise the breadth of attitudes and approaches that churches have and aim to support and help as broad a range as possible.

Near Neighbours projects aim to bring people together for both social interaction and social action. We encourage people applying for funding to work closely with local places of worship and to plan, implement and evaluate their projects with people from other faith communities. All our projects, whether dialogue or social action, have the same aim which is to bring people together from different faiths to build friendships.

The Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre is part of The Church of England’s Presence and Engagement Programme, which encourages and supports the mission and ministry of parishes and other Anglican communities in multi religious contexts.

Canon Dr Andrew Smith, the Bishop’s Director for Interfaith Relations, is a member of the Presence and Engagement central task group, and also has responsibility for supporting churches across Birmingham Diocese in their engagement with people of different faiths. Andrew’s work also includes advising and supporting the Bishop of Birmingham, David Urquhart, diocesan staff and clergy in theirwork with other faith communities.

For more information about this work contact Andrew Smith on 07702 831090 or e-mail 

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