Sri Dasmesh Gurdwara 

305 Wheeler St, Lozells, B19 2EU
0121 523 6059

The Sikh community was founded here in 1973 in what used to be Wheeler Street Congregational Church, dating from 1838. The current building was opened in 1993 and is used for daily prayers, langar (free meals for anyone) and community rituals such as funerals. The Gurdwara is called Sri Dashmesh which is another name for Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was the tenth Guru and therefore was called Dashmesh. This word is a combination of two words: Dasham and Ish. Dasham means 10th and Ish mean master or God – so 10th Guru. The Gurdwara includes many elements of Sikh architecture include the dome and orange flag, this is called the Nishan Sahib and announces that this is a Gurdwara and the Khalsa (Sikh warriors) are present. The Khalsa was formed by Guru Gobind Singh, after whom this is named, and is celebrated at Vaisakhi in April. Sukhwinder Singh Sungu is son of the founding member and is the current president of the Gurdwara.

Listen to Sukhwinder talk about the Sikh tradition of Langar,

This is a picture of the Gurdwara when it was still using the old church.

Click on the picture to watch an episode of The BBC program ‘Here to Stay’ from 1978 which features this Gurdwara. The feature about the Gurdwara starts after 5 minutes 15 seconds.

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